Money-Saving Tips for Your Minneapolis Wedding Celebration

Your wedding day is an occasion you’ll cherish forever, and at Marriott Minneapolis Southwest, our Certified Wedding Planners are dedicated to helping you create a celebration that perfectly reflects your unique style, theme, and vision. We also understand that many times our dreams our bigger than our budget; however, there are always creative alternatives available to ensure your wedding exceeds your expectations and not your bank balance.  Below, you’ll find some of our favorite tips for keeping your wedding budget on track.

  1. Host your wedding on either a Friday or a Sunday instead of a Saturday. Reserving a wedding date that doesn’t fall on a Saturday will automatically lower your overall food and beverage minimum. By choosing a Friday night wedding or a Sunday afternoon celebration, you can still enjoy the accessibility of a weekend wedding with a much lower price tag.
  2. If you must reserve a Saturday wedding, consider a morning or afternoon celebration instead of an evening affair.  Plated breakfasts and lunches can save you 25% per entrĂ©e versus a plated dinner reception.  
  3. Consider an off-season wedding.  The prime wedding season in Minneapolis is May through October.  By celebrating your wedding during an off-season month, you can save up to 25% on your food and beverage minimum.  Celebrating your wedding on a Friday or Sunday during the off-season can save up to 50% off your food and beverage minimum.
  4. Choose plated entrees for your guest vs. hosting a buffet.
  5. Consider only hosting your bar for one to two hours vs. the entire reception. We can work with you to choose the perfect time to switch your hosted bar to a cash bar. 
  6. Another bar option that can save you a lot in the long run is hosting a wine and beer bar and choosing a cash bar for mixed drinks.
  7. Hosting a smaller wedding? Let us create a small but artful wedding cake to display at your reception and serve a sheet cake for your wedding guests.

Looking for even more incredible wedding ideas? Contact us today and learn more about the customized packages, venues, and other unique options at make the Marriott Minneapolis Southwest an unmatched wedding destination.